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Art Shay's photography of:
Marlon Brando
Johnny Cash
Muddy Waters
Elizabeth Taylor
James Baldwin
Nelson Algren
Howlin' Wolf
Martin Luther King, Jr.
Richard Nixon
John F. Kennedy
Arnold Palmer
Mike Ditka
Hugh Hefner
The Supremes
Caitlyn Jenner

"POP! Arazzi"
​May 5th - May 26th    CHICAGO

Vince Lombardi
Bart Starr
Sal Bellow
The Rat Pack
Buddy Guy
Marcel Marceau
Jimmy Hoffa
Andy Griffith
Saul Bellow
Dolly Parton
Jessica Lange
R. Crumb
Rocky Graziano
Muhammad Ali
Gayle Sayers
​... and more ...

Art Shay Photography