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Art Shay Photography

​“... Shay’s powerful photos pierce through pen and paper to populate the propulsive momentum of the Great Migration, to animate the varied geography of residential racism from Trumbull Park to suburban Deerfield. They put a face on the incessant brutality of the city’s notorious machine party system alongside the defiant dignity of labor organizers, freedom marchers, and yippies alike. ...”

Davarian L. Baldwin, author of Chicago’s New Negroes: Modernity, the Great Migration & Black Urban Life

“Shay’s stunning photos and Gellman’s historical narrative pack a one-two punch in this glorious portrayal of Chicago as a city that gives as well as it takes. This is about a city and a people who under great duress refuse to fold. What an exhilarating lens through which to view one city’s struggle for justice.”  

Alex Kotlowitz, author of An American Summer: Love and Death in Chicago

“By balancing his eloquent narrative with the powerful photographs of Shay, Gellman dramatically animates Chicago history. TROUBLEMAKERS is a radical work that reveals how history and photography can be equal partners, and our understanding of Chicago is the richer for it.

William Ferris,author of Voices of Mississippi  and former chairman of the National Endowment for the Humanities