In 2018, I was sitting with a friend at Art's [  -- photographer, writer & storyteller Art Shay -- ] messy-a-whirl, newspaper-filled, Deerfield, Illinois, kitchen table. We asked :

"Hey, Art, what do you want your legacy to be?" 

Art, gruffly and briefly bemused, answered succinctly -

"To show people what life was like during my lifetime."


As Art Shay's archive manager, I hope to expedite his wishes.

To get to know Art, it is best you fetch a copy of his 2000 memoir - ALBUM FOR AN AGE- Unconventional Words and Pictures from the Twentieth Century - & hear it from Art.

A decorated WWII US Army Navigator in the 8th Air Force, he survived his 30 missions bombing the Nazi's in Europe.  In 1945, at 8th Air Force Headquarters, he was able to be a tour guide for a writer he loved, Ernest Hemingway. So began Art's lifelong series teaching experts how to do their job... teaching Hemingway, "the big O," Arnie, Mahalia, Floyd Patterson, Alfred Lunt, circus Strongmen, ,..., .... -- That is Art. 

He would have quickly told you of the plays he wrote & of course, his National Masters Racquetball Championship at age 60. --

So, about Art Shay. You can decide. I really loved him & I love his work, so, I'm biased.

I hope you enjoy it. 

​Erica DeGlopper, Art Shay Archive Manager
April 2020 


Art Shay

Art Shay's photography shakes you up, sets you down gently, pats you on the head, and then kicks you in the ass.”  Roger Ebert

Art Shay Photography

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